Simplifying Healthcare Solutions of Clinics and Hospitals


BRAINSHARP SOLUTIONS provides the Enhanced administration with improved response to patient care and efficient information management via electronic patient files. Modern healthcare industry gains lot of benefits by implementation of automated IT solution. With this aim BRAINSHARP SOLUTIONS offers a complete portfolio of integrated healthcare solutions to deliver what your hospital needs.


Out Patient Department

Outpatient Module provides complete assistance to manage patient information and stores electronic records. Get a consolidated view of patients Medical History with past visits, past medications, payment history and lab results

Appointment Booking

The Registration and Appointment scheduling module is an efficient patient management system that captures information of the patients. The scheduling of patient and Physician appointments can be done from this module.

Digital Prescription

Electronic prescribing is a technology framework that
allows physicians and other medical practitioners to write and send prescriptions to a participating pharmacy electronically instead of using handwritten notes

Digital prescribing or electronic prescribing improves accuracy and enhances patient care since there is no handwriting for the pharmacist to interpret or calling in prescriptions

Token Management

Having an efficient hospital queue management system has now become a necessity at healthcare institutions, especially when the patients visiting the facility are either in pain or frail health, making it difficult for them to queue for long periods of time until a medical practitioner is available to treat them

Hospital token management system is specially designed for outpatient clinics and multi-specialty hospitals

Pharmacy Management

The Pharmacy Management module helpful in managing drug distribution, stock management and monitoring functions of an incorporated pharmacy outlet in a health care center

You can sell the drugs based on prescriptions received through the system, identify substitutes and fulfill the patient requirements. The batch nos., drug interactions, Mfg. Dates, Expiry Dates and all the related details are properly displayed to avoid wrong medicine distribution

In Patient Department

The inpatient Management module provides bed management functions. It allows ordering investigations, writing Medication, Discharge Summary, Case Sheet, Doctor Note, progress notes, bed transfers, marking patient discharges

You can write discharge summaries in various user customizable formats. The module is linked with the Billing, Consultation, Investigations (Lab, Radiology) and Pharmacy for sending the request and receiving the information from them

Laboratory Management

The Billing module automates the whole billing process, making it easy with all the backend calculations

Invocie Generation

The Billing module automates the whole billing process, making it easy with all the backend calculations


Surgery Module offers an optimum usage and tracks all surgeries that can take place in the hospital. Right from scheduling the operation, managing the surgery team, recording details


Manage documentation of your patients’ entire immunization history in one convenient electronic file. Track patients’ growth and development over time to make sure they’re maintaining the correct height and weight development for their age

General Store Management

The general store module is designed to handle transactions related to all non-medical inventory in a hospital. This Module helps in tracking the inward/outward goods, stock level, cost of inventory and planning on stocking.

This also deals with purchases, distribution, payments to suppliers and Stock Maintenance

Administrative Account Management

Our financial accounts module provides reports to the management unit for analysis of the effectiveness of the various functions performed within the organization.

It provides statistical tools for the analysis of data and supports the decision making process of the management. This module provides the facility to export the data into various formats for further manipulation.


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